Fondant vs. Buttercream: Which Freezes Better?

does buttercream frosting freeze better than fondant

Which do you think freezes better: fondant or buttercream? Well, it depends on the recipe. In general, buttercream is a better option for freezing because it has a higher fat content and will not freeze as solid as fondant. Fondant can be frozen, but it is more likely to become brittle and crack when thawed. So, if you're looking to save your cake for later, buttercream is the better option!

It's no secret that freezing cakes is a great way to extend their lifespan. The recipe is what determines if buttercream or fondant holds up better when freezing your cake. But what are the differences between the two?

What Are Fondant And Buttercream, And What Are Their Key Differences?

Fondant is a very smooth, creamy icing that is made from sugar, cornstarch, water, and sometimes flavoring. Buttercream is a royal icing that is made from butter, sugar, egg whites, and flavorings.

The main difference between fondant and buttercream is that buttercream contains fat (butter) whereas fondant does not. Because of the lack of fat in fondant, it has a tendency to be slightly dryer than buttercream. Fondant is also a little sweeter than buttercream.

How Does Freezing Affect Each Type Of Icing?

buttercream icing freezes better than fondant

When it comes to freezing, buttercream has a big advantage over fondant because it contains fat. This means that buttercream will not freeze as solid as fondant, making it less likely to become brittle and crack when thawed.

Fondant can be frozen, but it is more likely to become brittle and crack when thawed. This is because the lack of fat in fondant causes it to freeze more solidly than buttercream.

How Do You Freeze Fondant And Buttercream Cakes And Cupcakes Successfully Without Ruining Them?

By using a KeepCake!

KeepCake is available in multiple sizes, so you can always find one that closely matches the size of your cake. They're made of freezer-safe lightweight material that removes the air with vacuum technology to keep the cake as fresh as possible.

To freeze your cake or cupcakes, no need to wrap them securely in several layers of plastic wrap. Simply place the cakes inside of your KeepCake. Using the included pump, suck all the air out of the container and seal it tightly. This will help keep the moisture out and prevent freezer burn.

When you're ready to thaw your cake or cupcakes, simply remove them from the KeepCake and let them sit at room temperature for a couple of hours. 

With KeepCake, you can say goodbye to dry, crumbly, freezer-burned cakes and cupcakes!

Which Type Of Frosting Is Better For Freezing - Fondant Or Buttercream?

They both freeze well, but fondant is more likely to become brittle and crack when you thaw the cake. The difference depends on what you're looking for in a frosting. If you want something that will hold up well in the freezer and don't mind if it cracks a bit when you are ready to eat it afterward, then fondant is a good choice. It's a bit more difficult to work with than buttercream as it's more like a dough than a spread, but it'll give you a nice, smooth finish. 

If you were to wrap a fondant cake in tin foil or plastic wrap, the smooth fondant may be creased and the design of your cake won't look the same after it's unwrapped. KeepCake airtight freezer container removes this concern as it doesn't come in contact with the icing or decorations of your cake while it's being stored. Your fondant covered cake will look the same when you take it out as it did when you put it into the freezer.  

If you're looking for something that's easier to work with and still freezes well, buttercream is a good choice. It might not be quite as smooth as fondant, but it'll still look good and taste great. Either way, make sure you store your cakes well so they don't dry out in the freezer!

how to thaw a frozen fondant or buttercream cake

What Are Some Tips For Thawing Frozen Cakes And Cupcakes Without Ruining Them?

The best way to thaw a frozen cake or cupcake is to place it in the fridge overnight. This will help prevent the frosting from melting and ruining the cake. When you are ready to take it out of the fridge, you have to gradually bring the cake up to room temperature. This is especially true if you are thawing a fondant cake. 

Keep the cake in a cool room. If it's summer, keep the air conditioning on and keep the humidity at an average level. This will stop condensation from forming on your fondant cake and your fondant decorations will be less likely to drift or slide. 

Another good tip is to make sure the cake or cupcake is in an air-tight container before freezing. This will help keep it moist and prevent freezer burn. When you're ready to thaw, simply remove it from the freezer and let the cake or cupcake sit at room temperature for a few hours.

When Is It Best To Use Fondant vs. Buttercream On A Cake Or Cupcake?

fondant doesn't freeze as well as buttercream cake icing

Fondant is ideal for anyone who wants a very smooth, sleek finish on their cake or cupcakes. Buttercream can also achieve a smooth finish, but sometimes it can be tricky to get it perfectly smooth. Fondant is also great for creating detailed decorations, such as flowers or geometric shapes. If you're going for a more rustic look, buttercream is a better option. It's also less sweet than fondant, and butter ads more rich flavor so some people prefer the taste of buttercream-frosted cakes and cupcakes.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Fondant Vs. Buttercream Frosting On A Cake Or Cupcake?

As we touched upon earlier, there are a few key differences between fondant and buttercream frosting. Fondant is created by melting sugar and then adding additional ingredients to create a pliable dough. It's often used to cover entire cakes or create sculpted decorations. Buttercream icing is made with, you guessed it, butter! It also includes sugar and egg whites or meringue powder, resulting in a fluffy mixture that can be spread over cakes. 

There are pros and cons to both types of icing. Fondant can give cakes a very smooth, clean look. It's also great for covering up flaws on less-than-perfect cakes. On the downside, fondant can be difficult to work with and some people find it too sweet. Buttercream frosting is much easier to spread and can be flavored with a variety of extracts. It's also not as sweet as fondant. However, buttercream doesn't always give cakes a perfectly smooth finish.

In the end, it really comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the taste of buttercream and find it easier to work with, while others love the smooth look of fondant-frosted cakes. There's no right or wrong answer, so go with whatever you think will taste and look best!

when freezing cake buttercream icing is better than fondant

Final Thoughts

So, if you're looking to save your cake for later, buttercream is the better option! Fondant can be frozen, but it is more likely to become brittle and crack when thawed. The best way to thaw a frozen cake or cupcake is to place it in the fridge overnight. If you want to enjoy your whole cake the same day, simply remove it and let the cake or cupcake sit at room temperature for a few hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the average price of cakes with fondant icing?

A: The average price of a fondant cake can vary depending on the size and complexity of the cake. However, most fondant cakes serving 6-8 start at around $60 per cake.

Q: Will a cake decorator use leftover fondant?

A: Yes, a cake decorator will use leftover fondant. Fondant can be stored in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.