Make your first wedding anniversary unforgettably delicious.

Saving your cake for your first anniversary is a timeless tradition. Do it the right way and enjoy your cake with no freezer burn, no odd flavors, and no mess.

Stays Fresh

Thanks to patented vacuum technology, your cake will taste as fresh as the day of your wedding.

No Freezer Burn

BPA-free material prevents tastes and odors from being transferred to the cake in the freezer.

For More Than Just Cakes

Easy to clean and reusable to extend the life of everyday baked goods by storing in the freezer to enjoy at a later date.

Fresh Like the Day It Was Baked

From freezer to table, KeepCake will make your first wedding anniversary unforgettably delicious. Using modern technology to enhance a timeless wedding tradition, KeepCake features a vacuum pump, cake stabilizing plate, keepsake compartment, and a decorative pedestal attachment for you to display your cake.


Relive Your Wedding Day

Add romance to your anniversary by unveiling meaningful items from the keepsake compartment. Turn it into a time-capsule and share predictions for the future plus notes from the heart while indulging in your delicious wedding cake.



BEST GIFT EVER! I’ve already purchased 3 of these for recent weddings and now KeepCake is my “go-to” gift! It’s unique, it’s nostalgic, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving because they can use it time and time again.

– Aimee F.

When I first heard about KeepCake, I knew I had to have it! My fiancé and I have always planned on saving our cake so after exploring DIY ways to do it that seemed questionable, we were thrilled to finally find a product that was made and proven to keep cake fresh! Now not only do we look forward to our wedding but really look forward to our first anniversary too!

– Casey T.

Real Couple Taste Cake After One Year

Watch Danielle and Jeff's reaction after tasting their cake for the first time after a year in KeepCake!


$44.99 $59.99

KeepCake Petite
KeepCake on the included pedestal with a cake KeepCake Petite with Cake Topper KeepCake covered with included pedestal and pump KeepCake and the keepsake compartment The KeepCake keepsake compartment KeepCake covered on the included pedestal with a cake inside KeepCake Petite KeepCake Petite next to KeepCake Classic KeepCake KeepCake Petite with Box The KeepCake pump KeepCake Petite next to KeepCake Classic The KeepCake pump inside the KeepCake cover The KeepCake pump on top of the KeepCake cover KeepCake covered on the included pedestal KeepCake covered KeepCake covered on the included pedestal

Enjoy your wedding cake again, exactly as you remember it from your wedding day. KeepCake’s easy to use vacuum technology removes air from the container which prevents freezer burn while creating a strong air-tight seal for total freshness. 


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