Keepsake Templates

Turn your KeepCake keepsake compartment into a time capsule!

Watch this video for tips from our founder on how to make the most of your Keepsake compartment inside the KeepCake airtight cake container. For more videos, visit us on TikTok and Instagram!

KeepCake contains a specialized compartment, below the cake-storage area, to be used as a time capsule. You can place photographs, notes, and other memento's in the keepsake compartment to be stored with your cake keeper. When you open your wedding cake a year later, you'll also be able to share these wonderful reminders of your special day.

KeepCake keepsake compartment


Designed especially for you and your partner, we have created 3 FREE time capsule downloads to make your first anniversary extra romantic! We’ve made it easy for you by giving you three different options:

KeepCake Wedding Cake Preserver Printable Templates

Template #1 is the easiest time capsule. Simply fill in the prompted blanks about where you think you and your partner will be a year from now.


Template #2 is designed for the creative writers. This beautiful template has an open ended space for you and your love to write down your predictions, hopes and dreams.


Template #3 was created for the savvy planners. This goal oriented template walks you and your partner through a list of various life goals that you hope to achieve in your first year of marriage. It will be fun to see which ones have been checked off your list!


Whichever style template you decide, we recommend printing out two copies, one for you and one for your love. Both of you should fill one out and read them to each other one year from now on your first anniversary while enjoying your delicious piece of wedding cake!