Many couples planning a wedding strive to make everything perfect down to the smallest detail. This is exactly how the idea of KeepCake was born.

Our co-founder (a once very determined bride) searched for months trying to find an air-tight container to preserve her wedding cake in anticipation of her big day. She quickly realized that no such product existed for this purpose.

Introducing KeepCake. This specialized container will treasure the top tier of your wedding cake in the freezer for you to enjoy on your first anniversary for good luck. This is a tradition that dates back to the 1940s started by Queen Elizabeth. KeepCake also features a keepsake compartment that you can creatively use as a time capsule.

Whether you decide to include your vows, or predictions of where you both will be a year from now, KeepCake will help to make your first anniversary a truly unforgettable one.

Like this KeepCake, may your years ahead be filled with lasting joy, freshness, and sweet moments.


Erika, KeepCake Co-Founder, cuts her wedding cake with her boss