How It Works

How Does Our Airtight Cake Container With Vacuum Technology Work?

Does KeepCake really work? The answer is YES.

Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to get started using your KeepCake. These simple steps will keep your wedding cake fresh for your first anniversary. 

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We spent three years researching, testing, and perfecting KeepCake’s patented vacuum pump technology before bringing it to market. The solution we came up with provides an extended freshness seal for storing baked goods up to a year in freezer temperatures.

KeepCake creates a vacuum sealed cavity for storing your cake which prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi, as well as preventing the evaporation of water and other volatile compounds – these are the important elements which lend the baked goods their aroma, flavor, and moist texture.

KeepCake is the first container designed to fight freezer burn, prevent the fats in the cake from absorbing flavors and odors from neighboring foods in the freezer, and keep the cake looking as beautiful as it did on the wedding day. 

Fight Freezer Burn

Freezer burn is more than unwanted icy crystals that appear on and in your frozen food items. Freezer burn is caused by dehydration and oxidation due to air reaching the perishable food item, rendering the item unpalatable. When you see freezer burn it actually means that your food has gone stale.

KeepCake prevents the item inside the container from being exposed directly to the air in the freezer, so there is no opportunity for freezer burn to form on the outside of the cake.

No Absorption of Tastes and Odors

Baked goods often contain high proportions of fatty ingredients such as butter. Butter is a key ingredient in cakes, especially in wedding cakes. These fatty ingredients help to create the appealing flavor of the item, but also have a tendency to absorb other odors if exposed to them.

Given that many refrigerators recycle the air between the refrigerated section and the freezer section, this can lead to the transfer of unwelcome flavors and aromas – such as those from onions and garlic – to the baked good.

KeepCake creates an isolated chamber so no bad tastes or odors can be transferred to what’s inside. 

Preserve Your Cake’s Aesthetic 

The traditional method of saving a wedding cake in the freezer is by wrapping it with plastic wrap and then wrapping it again with aluminum foil. Not only does this not prevent freezer burn, it destroys the ornamentation of your wedding cake.

KeepCake Wedding Cake Preserver Results

KeepCake provides a protective layer around any cake up to 8" wide and 5.5" tall to protect the decorations from being squished and ruined.

There are other vacuum sealed solutions out there, but there is no other container besides KeepCake that is specifically designed to maintain the vacuum seal cavity for an extended period of time without collapsing on the perishable item and turning your cake into an undesirable lump.

The KeepCake container can be used and reused to store your fresh baked goods in the freezer. Our tests have found great success in storing and preserving fresh baked breads and rolls, bagels, cupcakes, cakes, brownies, and baked donuts in the freezer. After defrosting, these baked goods can be displayed in KeepCake on the counter.

KeepCake with bagels inside

Just be aware that our tests have concluded that fried items such as fried donuts, zeppolis, funnel cake, and churros are not optimal to be preserved in general because their oil content and cooking method make these items best enjoyed when they are fresh since they tend to get soggy or hard. All in all, KeepCake is not recommended for fried food items.