How to Preserve the Top Tier of Your Wedding Cake the Right Way with KeepCake

Saving the top tier of a wedding cake is a timeless tradition that thousands of couples take part in each and every year. Here is a taste of the history of how the tradition began and some tips on the best way to preserve the top tier of your wedding cake. 

As you know, the wedding cake tends to serve as a focal point on the wedding day. Guests love to take pictures of the cake and the cake cutting itself has become a monumental part of the reception.

But do you know why so many couples save the top tier of their wedding cake? Tradition has it that the cake cutting plays a major role on the wedding day since it represents the first thing that newlyweds do together as a married couple. The act of feeding each other represents the promise of commitment, love, and affection towards each other.

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Why do we save the top tier of wedding cake? A tradition wrapped in history

The tradition of saving the top tier of the wedding cake was supposedly started by Queen Elizabeth II when she married Prince Philip in 1947. Some historians, however, believe that although Queen Elizabeth II receives credit for the tradition, it may have actually been started by Queen Victoria in 1840. 

Regardless of who started the tradition, Queen Elizabeth’s wedding cake is one that has been remembered throughout history due to its ornate details and its massive size, standing at 9ft tall! 

Cutting wedding cake

The cake had 4 tiers with each layer being about a standard 3 to 4 layers in height! The two bottom tiers alone served the 2,000 guests that attended the royal wedding; so what does one do with so much leftover cake? 

It was decided that the pieces from the middle tier would be sent home with parting guests and those who were unable to attend the wedding. 

As for the top tier, it would be saved to celebrate the next milestone in the couple’s life which was the christening of their first child. This timeless and widespread tradition is believed to bring the couple’s marriage good luck and prosperity.

Fast-forward a few decades, and the tradition has been modernized slightly. Most commonly, couples chose to save the wedding cake top tier and eat it on their first wedding anniversary. Although tradition has changed, many couples still choose to eat the cake on whichever milestone comes first.

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The big question: how to freeze wedding cake for one year?

Going back over 100 years ago, wedding cakes were traditionally fruit cakes which were much easier to preserve due to their ingredients. For centuries, no proper preservation method was necessary - but times have changed.

Generally, couples save the top tier of their wedding cake by wrapping it with plastic wrap and then a second time with tin foil before placing it in the freezer for storage. The problem with this common method is that freezer burn can easily form on the cake – this process of dehydration and oxidation not only ruins the cake but changes the cake's taste and natural flavors. Not to mention, all that tin foil generally destroys the decorations and aesthetic of the wedding cake.

KeepCake: The Best Wedding Cake Freezer Container 

KeepCake wedding cake freezer container

If you’re looking for a more sure way to save the top tier of your wedding cake for one year, KeepCake is your answer. Before the invention of KeepCake, there was no freezer container designed and engineered specially for storing and preserving wedding cake.

Luckily, KeepCake allows you to preserve the top tier of your wedding cake with no freezer burn, no strang flavors, and no mess. Thanks to its patented vacuum technology, KeepCake removes all the air from inside the wedding cake freezer container. This prevents freezer burn from forming and keeps the cake fresh like the day it was baked!

For couples who are looking to take part in the wedding cake tradition surrounding their first anniversary, KeepCake is the perfect solution to storing and preserving wedding cake the right way.

Tips and Suggestions for Using a Wedding Cake Freezer Container

While so much attention is put into the wedding day – flowers, the band, the guest list – few couples focus on the wedding cake, which is one of the most photographed parts of their celebration.

Here are some tips and tricks to making sure everything surrounding your wedding cake goes perfectly on your special day!

While some couples may prefer to order a fresh cake on their first anniversary, in that case, the cake is just a cake and they won’t have the sentimental feelings surrounding their actual wedding cake. 

Your first anniversary should be one to remember and cutting into your wedding cake after a year of adventure together as a married couple makes the anniversary so much more romantic. The nostalgic ritual, the omen of good fortune, and wedding day memories all come to life when sharing a piece of wedding cake on such a special anniversary. 

Make the day one to remember – you both deserve it!